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  • Ansir Javid wrote from Bangladesh

    “I have got a prominent job in a reputed company due to your precious awarded diploma. I congratulate you on my success as my success is your success and your College success. Since I got the job due to your diploma I am ambitious more to read from your College.”

    Ansir Javid ,

  • Abdul Haq Jalloh wrote from Bahrain

    “I would like to express my sincere thanks to CIC for affording me the International Diploma, this makes my dreams become truth. I would like you to send me my new Programs.”

    Abdul Haq Jalloh ,

  • Linda Adderley wrote from Bahamas

    “I have completed the International Diploma in Computers In Business & Management which my country Nassau, Bahamas, has considered to be a specialised associate degree, and I got an increase in salary.”

    Linda Adderley ,

  • Laurene Lawrence wrote from Antigua

    “It is with profound gratitude and appreciation that I fax this letter to let you know of my recent promotion from secretary to Confidential Secretary in my Department. God Bless you and the entire staff of Cambridge College. I do hope that you will celebrate with me on my achievements”. Armine Israyelyan wrote from Armenia “I really enjoyed my interesting and educative program with CIC. It was a nice experience. I am a manager at the Armenia Information Centre.”

    Laurene Lawrence ,

  • Talyah Hyatt wrote from Anguilla

    “I completed my diploma and now I have almost completed my BA in Human Resource Administration. I am now well-educated and motivated! Cambridge provided me with vital resources, affordable fees and a sound educational background. Cambridge achieved for me what I thought would always be impossible!”

    Talyah Hyatt ,

  • Jose Sambonge Chicanha wrote from Angola

    “I would like to thank you for your Magic Diploma on Business Management & Administration. Honestly, this Diploma has seen me to a new job as Procurement Supervisor with a much higher salary per month. For this reason I started up a small campaign for candidates and I have come up with candidates who are highly interested and motivated (after seeing my diploma) to be enrolled.”

    Jose Sambonge Chicanha ,

  • CIC is always happy to receive news about its Members and Diplomates worldwide, and CIC encourages them to send such information to the College.

    The College has thousands of letters from Members and Diplomates who have written about their satisfaction with CIC’s high standards of service and Study & Training Materials, and of their career successes such as new jobs, promotions, higher salaries, greater recognition, and advancement to higher studies, and so on, as a result of their study and training with CIC. We have, below, produced an “A to Z” of testimonial letters for over 100 of the many countries from which CIC Members have sent information and comments to the College.

    CIC Members Training,




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