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Some CIC graduants during a CHRM graduation ceremony
Pan Africa Skills Director with some CIC graduants during CHRM graduation
David Lawson-Director of Studies CIC presenting a Diploma to a CIC member in Nairobi
David Lawson-Director of Studies CIC with the Directors of Pan Africa Skills
Pan Africa Director (m) presenting an award during CHRM graduation

A Program focusing on the managerial leadership role as an integrating activity aiming to satisfy the needs of people at work, create an organizational climate in which people work willingly and effectively, and to assist in the achievement of the goals of the organization.

It is through the process of management that the efforts of an organization are coordinated, directed, controlled and guided towards the achievement of organizational goals. Management and leaders need to strike the right balance between the elements and influences of individuals, of groups, of the organization and the environment. Appropriate management and leadership styles must be adopted to successfully deal with the internal and external factors which impact upon the organization. Effective decision making, motivation and handling is essential and it is the duty of management and responsibility of leadership to set and at the same time guide the organization to the attainment of its objectives.

This Program relates management and leadership in the context of organizational behaviour and provides an integrated view of theory and practice to indicate how performance may be improved; and discusses managerial and leadership science and their implications for action in practice.


Course Outline Summary

Module 1 - The Nature of Management

Module 2 - The Process of Delegation

Module 3 - Managerial Behaviour and Effectiveness

Module 4 - The Nature of Leadership

Module 5 - Styles of leadership

Module 6 - Management Control and Power

Module 7 - Organisation Development

Module 8 - Organisational Change

Module 9 - Management Development

Module 10 - Organisational Effectiveness


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