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Pan Africa Skills is an Affiliate of CIC Britain in East Africa that offers Training and Study which is perfect for all ambitious people looking for career success, promotion, and top jobs whatever the previous level of study, qualifications, work or experience.


Our Programs include;

International 'Premier' Career Development Diploma Programs

Pan Africa Skills and Consulting in collaboration CIC provides a wide range of Professional Diploma Programs written to ensure Members’ development, progress, career success and career enhancement. Each Program deals comprehensively with the important topics, and with emphasis on the practical application of what is taught. These Diplomas are skills based and not academic. They are meant to impart the practical skills that are required to execute job functions and holders of these qualifications are highly sought by employers.....Read More


'Mastery of Management' Diploma Programs (Higher Diplomas)

These are professionally written and produced high-level, specialist Diploma Programs. They focus on specific subjects to increase the depth of knowledge and understanding - and mastery of them. Gaining a Mastery of Management Diploma demonstrates a high level of knowledge and provides the basis for competence in managing and training others...Read More

Pan Africa Skills is the Exclusive Affiliate of Cambridge International College in Kenya. For more click