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Some CIC graduants during a CHRM graduation ceremony
Pan Africa Skills Director with some CIC graduants during CHRM graduation
David Lawson-Director of Studies CIC presenting a Diploma to a CIC member in Nairobi
David Lawson-Director of Studies CIC with the Directors of Pan Africa Skills
Pan Africa Director (m) presenting an award during CHRM graduation

The main Program content for “Real Estate (Property) Management” was collated and edited by Professor Jowsey, and approved by Routledge of the Taylor & Francis Group. Together with study guidance and advice, study schedule, and Examination preparation, this comprises a professional, high-level Program of Study. The content/syllabus is degree-level, and is designed for appropriate students and for intending or professional practitioners in real estate and property management. The Program brings high-quality content and best practice to a global market, and enables learners to understand and apply the content in practical workplace situations.

This Program provides detailed, thorough, well-planned and learner-friendly guidance of the essential concepts which need to be understood to achieve a successful professional career in the field of Real Estate (Property) Management. It is designed for men and women wishing to study and/or understand the essential concepts needed for real estate, surveying, land management, housing, property, planning and construction. The key concepts of this interesting study and career area are arranged, defined and explained to provide key knowledge and understanding, quickly and conveniently.

The most important subjects in land and property fields are introduced and written about by experts with considerable expertise of property management in the modern business environment. The Program covers: Planning, Building surveying, Valuation, Law, Economics, Investment, Finance, Quantity surveying, Construction, Regeneration, Sustainability, Property management, and more. It includes many relevant examples and illustrations and advice to encourage a deep understanding of the subjects.

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