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Expertly produced, very well-written, and with a huge amount of practical and enjoyable content, this is for anybody who wants to become a competent, knowledgeable, respected manager and/or administrator.

This Programme teaches and explains what management is about. It explains the functions and roles of managers, and about management and administration activities - and how to carry them out successfully. It covers the technical and human functions and responsibilities of management, and covers many aspects of business, advanced motivation, management and leadership. It also offers the opportunity to choose one (or more) subjects on human resource management, leadership and team management, or public relations. The possession of an Honours Group Diploma demonstrates knowledge and ability and indicates that the holder has the competence, understanding and potential to become a successful senior manager, administrator or executive.

The Programme comprises of four key ‘courses’; there are three (3) compulsory/mandatory courses of study and one (1) option/elective course, as follows:-


  • Management & Administration
  • Business Management & Administration
  • Advanced Management & Administration Theory & Practice

PLUS one** from:

  • Project Leadership & Management
  • Leadership & Team Management
  • Public Management & Administration
  • Office (Workplace) Management & Administration

**more than just one of these Subjects may be studied if preferred - ask the College for details.

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