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Executives of the enterprise are expecting their Human Resources to function as never before to demonstrate their strategic contribution and value to their organization and to the business. A significant part of that expectation requires major HR Transformation in their delivery model as well as mindsets. A part of this mega shift is the emergence of a role called the HRBP (Human Resource Business Partner) role.

While HR transformation is sometimes a term in search of meaning, it usually means a fundamental re-chartering of what the organization’s HR Department is to do, why it exists, and what efforts it undertakes. CEOs have continually stated that they want a more proactive HR Department that operates at the strategic rather than tactical level.

There are 2 levels of accreditation when completing the e-CHRBP program.

Upon fulfilling all workshop attendance requirements and also the timely submission of all coursework assignments, you will be awarded a Certificate in e-CHRBP.

Subsequently when you complete a capstone project that illustrates evidence of successfully applying the CHRBP competencies in your organization, you will be awarded a professional “Certified CHRBP” certification from ARTDO/ITD World.

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