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Supply Chain Management is the backbone of organizations today, and the market is looking to fill 1.5 million jobs. Considering the required skills-set, AIMS designed certificate and diploma programs in supply chain management. These programs expand your knowledge and skills in supply chain, and allows you to create a system that delivers products faster, better, and with lower costs. You are highly trained to ensure the effectiveness of the system. Programs offered by the institute of supply chain management are globally recognized. They are delivered through interactive educational content, which helps you keep focused. Supply chain academy offers self-paced learning, and regularly updated curriculum allows you access the most modern industry trends.

Our supply chain management certifications are designed for you to,

  • Help improve processes from top-to-bottom, which can positively affect the entire supply chain.
  • Design supply chain strategies that can reduce supply chain expenses and increase revenue.


Our Supply Chain & Logistics Programs

The supply Chain and logistics professionals are those that really create the profitability of a company. Without skilled supply chain professionals, most firms would succumb to overly expensive and slower than acceptable delivery of the products. Considering the current market trends, AIMS' Institute of supply chain management provide well-recognized programs in supply chain and logistics.


The certifications offered are as follows:

Certified Supply and Logistics Professional (CSLP)

Enhance your problem solving skills and expertise in supply chain & logistics management.

Each part of an organization, from buying to shipping, depends largely on the logistics and supply chain. So, the employers should be proficient enough in logistics and supply chain to deal with the needs of the organization. AIMS’ Certified Supply & Logistics Professional (CSLP) program is known as one of the best sources of competitive benefit at the present time. This logistics certification is designed for you to understand the key aspects of an organization. CSLP focuses on the problem-solving capacities, thus, the logistics training make a strong base of an individual’s career. In this way, an individual becomes proficient enough to deal with the number of supply chain partners for advanced managing and offering great value to the customer. Supply and logistics courses in CSLP are designed to develop your knowledge and skills in key logistics areas.

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Certified Supply Chain Expert (CSCE)

Supply chain has a great impact on the success of an organization, and it affects every facet of the business from purchasing to distribution. Considering the necessary skill-sets employers demand, AIMS designed the Certified Supply Chain Expert (CSCE) program. It focuses on problem-solving abilities, and it links the theory to real-world applications. AIMS' supply chain management certification is recognised globally, and it is designed to produce knowledge and skills in all functions of supply chain. CSCE is best suited for part-time and full-time studies, and delivered 100% online. Study-contents are available to you 24/7 - anywhere and anytime. This training comprises three logistics and supply chain management courses, that empowers professionals with a strong foundation.

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Master Diploma in Supply Chain Management

If you want to become a manager and an expert, who is highly capable to design, implement, and manage competitive supply chains, then the Diploma in Supply Chain Management is the right program for you. It is offered 100% online, and it is designed to produce professionals with a mastery of best practices. It focuses on problem-solving abilities, and links the theory to real-world applications. AIMS graduates are distinguished in the market, due to their specialized and high-level knowledge in Supply chain and logistic. The supply chain management diploma online from AIMS, does not assume a previous understanding of supply chain or logistics. It is recognized globally by employers in all business areas. Each course provides insights on how to design and manage a supply chain, to give you a competitive advantage.

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